Evillage Sections

Descriptions of the Evillage Sections and a guide for you when deciding on the topic of your choice.

Mini-Demos Description: Are informal demonstrations where presenters share their use of technology resources. (*Note: No projection equipment is available)

Presentation Time: 15-minutes total

Number of Presenters: 1

Format: Presenters demonstrate their technology applications on a computer/laptop station. Demonstrations are informal and hands-on. Presenters share their use of computer-based and/or web-based tools in their classrooms. Examples of these resources can be web-based tools, software applications, mobile apps, LMS etc. 


Workshops Description: Offer "hands-on" practice to a small group of participants and usually focus on the use of a particular internet-based resource or application. (*Note: Projection equipment is available).

Presentation Time: 45-minutes total

Number of Presenters: 1-2

Format:  Space is limited to 10-15 participants. Following a short presentation, presenters guide participants in "hands-on" practice. Presenters provide experience on the adaptation of software applications and products for teaching and learning. Examples could include social networking, creating activities with Web 2.0 tools, working with multiple media, creating Internet teaching and learning resources, online collaborative workspaces etc. 


Webinars Description: Address issues related to technology integration in teaching and learning.

Presentation Time: 30-minutes total

Number of Presenters: 1

Format: Focus is on promoting technology-related topics on either technology tools per se or integration of technology applications. Theoretical issues are accepted provided it is linked to technology topics. Topics could be like blended-learning, collaborative learning, online learning etc. Examples of technology applications and tools should accompany the topics discussed. 


Developers’ Showcase Description: Demonstrations of electronic devices, applications and/or digital content and description of how they operate

Presentation Time: Three-consecutive 20-minutes total (15 minute explanation and then a 5-minute question-and-answer session).

Number of Presenters: 1-2

Format: Emphasis is on introducing new technologies in the field of education.  This section only accepts and presents original work by the presenter and should be fully operative. Presenters need to provide a description of the unique features, functions, and content of what will be demonstrated and how this will facilliate teaching and learning. 


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