Professional Development Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

TESOL Kuwait is quickly becoming well-known for bringing high caliber professional development to the region. Being a country that enjoys safety and stability, Kuwait is the ideal place to hold professional development events in order to bring together an international assemblage of educators and leading experts in teacher training, education, assessment, classroom instruction and learning technologies.  

Participants from all teaching contexts and related fields are invited to submit proposals for our up-coming Conference

(Date TBA).

Types of Presentations

Workshop (50 minutes)
Workshop Sessions are 45 minutes long. These sessions are interactive with emphasis on group collaborations. They are mainly designed for sharing invaluable teaching experiences leading to fostering new methods for teaching English
Presentation (50 minutes)
A presentation describes or shows how to do something, e.g., a technique for teaching or testing language which affects development of one or all of the language skills. The proposal summary should be a brief description of what you will demonstrate and how it will be shown. If you have recently tried out a new approach, technique or activity that works well, you may select this type of presentation to share your success in a concrete manner. 

This is a great opportunity for researchers in their initial stages of their projects to showcase their ideas at the TESOL Kuwait conference. Presenters can share their ideas with their colleagues and interact with them even after the conference period to receive useful feedback on their work. Posters can stay up for the whole duration of the conference.

Paper Presentation
Paper Presentations are research, theory, concepts, and practices. They are 20 minutes long + 10 minutes Q&A.

Commercial Demonstration (35 or 70 minutes)
A commercial demonstration is a presentation of published materials by the author or publisher’s representative (requires purchase of program ad or exhibit space). These presentations must be specifically marked as Commercial. Please select the appropriate category when
submitting proposals for this type of presentation.

Demonstration (45 minutes)
In  a demonstration, most of the time is used for showing, rather than talking about, a technique for teaching or testing. Normally, the presenter’s statement of the theory underlying the technique takes no more than five minutes. The presenter usually has handouts and may also use audio-visual aids. The proposal should include a brief statement of the presenter’s central purpose and a description of the presentation.

Panel (60 minutes)
A panel involves both formal presentation and participant discussion. It is a forum for a group of scholars to discuss current issues in TESOL and for open discussion among all in attendance. Presenters exchange papers in advance and make formal responses to each other’s' positions. The organizer of the panel is responsible for securing the participation of people representing various viewpoints in the field before submitting a proposal. The written description should include, in addition to the issue(s) to be discussed, a brief schedule of the presentations and discussion time.

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